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Patient Results

  • I chose Redden Total Therapy not only because I know Payton’s family, but because I know his reputation as a good therapist. Redden’s hands-on treatment approach and commitment to personal attention helped me heal faster. I am very pleased with the results.


  • When I was first injured, I wanted to go to another treatment center which I had attended for a previous injury.  Workman’s compensation wouldn’t cover visits at that facility, but instead referred me to Redden Total Therapy. After one visit, I was glad they did. The staff couldn’t have been more qualified and caring anywhere else.  I sort of looked forward to therapy if you can believe that. The administrative assistant at the south Jackson location was the best. I would highly recommend Redden Total Therapy to anyone with physical therapy needs.


  • As we grow older, we lose balance even with everyday activities.  Therapy treatments with Adam, combined with an individualized home exercise program were successful in moving me in the right direction. I have always been well taken care of and felt at home at Redden Total Therapy. They have always helped me with my problems, no matter how large or small. I highly recommend Redden Total Therapy for anyone with therapy needs.

    P. W.

  • I am overjoyed at having a pain free neck with the mobility I need.


  • I was in so much pain I felt I would be facing surgery.  Now, I can play golf again and have no fear of surgery.  I will definitely keep doing my exercises.


  • After eight years of back pain, many doctor visits, and medication, I am finally pain free thanks to Redden Total Therapy. Their treatment and on-going exercise program helps me to be pain free daily.


  • Redden Total Therapy is an outstanding organization. It was a pleasure to be treated by such superb professionals. Everyone working at Redden Total Therapy shows consideration and care for the patients they treat.


  • I had disc replacement surgery a year ago and Redden Total Therapy was an important part of my recovery. Through the staff’s hard work and experience they had me back playing racquetball in 4 months. I’ve come to rely on Redden Total Therapy to keep me on the golf course and the racquetball court for the past 5 years. Their dedication to staying on the cutting edge of medical techniques has served me well and extended my active life style.