Finding solutions through movement

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Our Practice

At Redden Total Therapy we have been evolving our treatment approach since our inception. We believe traditional physical therapy has a place but fails to help the average person with pain. Our treatment philosophy differs from traditional physical therapy departments in several important ways:

The true cause of your problem will be located instead of just treating the symptoms. Using our hands and minds, we will correct your problem to relieve your symptoms. We treat each individual according to their unique presentation.

With over 12 years of uninterrupted clinical experience, our hands and our minds are our main tools. You will not find a room full of fancy equipment, most of the exercises we teach are designed to be performed with simple items found around the house.

We believe that 4-6 visits are all that is needed to see changes for the positive. If no improvement in this time, we will not continue to treat you forever hoping for improvement.

We are on a continuous journey to find the quickest and best methods of helping people with musculoskeletal problems. We are confident your experience will be unlike previous physical therapy treatments and yield superior results.

Patient Forms

Before our first session, kindly take some time to print & fill out relevant forms as well as you can.