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Golf Performance Enhancement
(TPI Certied)

Would you rather shoot 72 or feel 72 after playing 18 holes?

Does your golf instructor give you the same information over and over and you just can’t make the change? Your body may be limiting your potential on the golf course.

For years, golf professionals have known that golf performance relates to golf-specific-skill and the body’s ability to perform. This concept is why a recent shift at the pro level has focused on physical training to improve one’s golf game in addition to a focus on golf skills.

Titleist has developed the Titleist Performance Institute to better understand this link between the body and golf. The goal is to help each golfer regardless of skill level to improve his/her game. Redden Total Therapy has achieved status as a Titleist Certified Golf Performance Instructor Level One through the Titleist Performance Institute and uses this certification to help each golfer achieve their individual goals toward improving their golf ability and overall health.

The Performance Assessment revolves around a variety of screens that are used to determine if the body has a restriction that limits the golfer’s ability to maintain proper posture or swing efficiently. The screen usually takes 45 minutes and a program is designed based on weakness and limitations that arise during the test. Treatment and home exercise programs are prescribed to help each person address their individual limitations and move toward the normal value of the average PGA tour player.

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